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Vancouver Rugby 7s

The BC Stadium in Vancouver is one of the best rugby venues with a retractable roof as one of it's main features.This means that despite the weather conditions outside fans can comfortably watch rugby games with ease and peace of mind.The theme in Vancouver was the coming together of the Fiji and Kenyan fans to celebrate rugby mutual objectives plus passion that binds the 2 nations.

We arrived in Vancouver with high hopes and strong spirit after the teams display in LA and needed to get over the LA wintery weather. Vancouver was warmer than LA and true rugby fans were at hand to make the atmosphere electric.@ mini themes played out in Vancouver , The Kenya fans found themselves sandwiched between Fiji fans and Americans.The parents of the USA ladies team had strategically take their position behind the Kenya and this would proof to be a successfully move on their part.Most of the Kenyan fans in Vancouver were Kenyan-American which meant that the USA team would rightly benefit from all the singing and dancing the Kenyans are know for. The results said all with the US ladies team beating team GB to finish with bronze medals around their next.

The band captured everyones attention with their melodious tunes as they walked up and down the terraces all over the stadium and the Kenyans were not to miss out on this entertainment piece.

The Canadians joined the party too embracing the true rugby spirit of hosting a successful HSBC 7s tournament .This was cheered loudly by the Kenyan entertaining crowd who were in song and dance through out the 3 day tournament.

Remember I mentioned the alternating themes that were running on the day.Our brothers and sister from Fiji were vocally expressing they appreciation for the Kenya rugby team and the fans as well.This partnership dates centuries ago and judging by the songs, dancing and warm embrace, its a relationship that is cemented way into the future.The mutual respect and admiration from the players and the set of fans was evident.

Rugby always wins, it brings people together irrespective of their background, culture or ethnic background and solidifies relations .Vancouver taught us that a group of stranger with competing objectives can come together in song and dance and celebrate each other like never before.

Thank you Vancouver, thank Kenya, thank you USA for Showinmylove for this game of rugby and the fans too.I salute you until the next time, keep winning.


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