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Montevideo Challengers Rugby 7s - Part 1

I sat at home after the emotional relegation HSBC 7s Twickenham tournament in May 2023, unsure of exactly what my next rugby move was going to be. A broken heart was all that was left of my rugby existence and the thought of playing in the challengers cup has never gone through my mind. But here we are, having skipped the Dubai challengers cup that Shujaa won and the Lioness finished second after loosing in the finals to China!!, I know what you are thinking..., China!!!!. I was shocked too, but hey it could not have been more shocking than Shujaa's relegation from the main 7s series.

The thought of travelling to South America, Montevideo had crossed my mind but at the beginning of 2024 I found myself even more confused with WhatsApp communication from fellow rugby lovers, how tricky and awkward it was to get to Uruguay's capital. This was already concerning considering that I had not fully recovered from the relegation and the post mortem of the handling of the Shujaa players after relegation. None of the players or fans received any kind of therapy and there was no closure, and just like an abusive relationship, we all were meant to pick ourselves up, head up, shoulder straight and continue with life like normal.

My design brain was slightly affected, as I was not producing my usual high standard artwork to express and ShowinMyLove like I always have. This gives you an idea of my direction and headspace, considering I am one of the most positive people you will ever come across. In between relegation Konye and I had massaged our broken hearts by experiencing a new assembled Shujaa become Champions of Africa and qualify for the Olympics having beaten South Africa in the finals under the heat of Harare in Zimbabwe. That is a story for another day, but on the back of that the newly assembled team, Shujaa had also won the Safari 7s in November at the Harlequins ground in Nairobi, Kenya. That is is a story for another year, because nothing beats being at home and witnessing Shujaa win a tournament on home soil.

Apologies I digressed, Montevideo Uruguay was on my mind and getting there would prove to be an interesting journey, if I was to take up the challenge. God blessed me with a lot of gifts, love and patience being the greatest 2. I managed to somehow secure a ticket that took me to Montevideo via Sao Paulo, Brazil. My departure did not constitute of any traditional Maasai dancers as the freezing London weather would not accomodate their summerish dress code. Alone at Heathrow, with South America awaiting my arrival. The departure was captured and well documented on the video below;

I concluded that, being my first ever trip to South America I might as well make a holiday out of it. Escaping London's bipolar freezing weather seemed like a good idea even though, I was not sure of what to expect of South America and the HSBC challengers cup tournament.

The 11 hour flight into Sao Paulo, Brazil seemed shorter than expected either due to excitement or just basic anxiety of this particular trip.

A brief 2 hour stop over, was followed by a connecting flight to Montevideo, Uruguay. This was going to be a shorter travel of only 3 hours to my final destination. LATAM airlines were very professional and efficient airline and I thank, plus recommend them for being a good carrier for anyone who is flying to South America.

My immediate observation as we disembarked the plane was how clean the airport at Montevideo was, but before that, my heart had been won over by the beautiful scenic aerial view of Uruguay's capital. It was simply breath taking to watch the aerial view of this amazing city, this was my first view of the capital ;-

Wow, breath taking is simply an understatement to say the list. Part 2 will be coming soon, meanwhile enjoy this aerial view of amazing Montevideo in Uruguay.

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