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Hidden Gems

Deep inside the great city of Nairobi and at the heart of the city centre is a forgotten inner city museum. It borders the Kenya Polytechnique and the old American Embassy. At first glance no one would think anything of the place until the gates are open and the Gem is revealed.The Nairobi Railway museum has played host to a few music videos and is a well kept secret by those in the world of art.Its is said that this place is the house of Patriotic champions who choose to keep their work and stories very secretive.The Kenya hoodie love and appreciation of the country and culture is evident to appreciate once you are let in.In their Kenya hoodies and tshirt, they parade themselves over the old rusty trains and railway lines with the 254 logo clearly vibrant across their chest.

Some have nicknamed them Kenya hoodie gang gang (gangster), a term that depicts their appreciation for art, fashion and love for flag and country.This place is a safe heaven for all patriotic fashionistas who secretly appreciate and express their nationality without any form of prejudice or judgement from the outside world. Washikadaupikchaz captures every experience down to the smallest detail that's on show ;

the elegance and pride is all there for everyone to experience especially those of us who are not familiar with this cultural movement.

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